SBPRP in English


The Brazilian Society of Psychoanalysis of Ribeirão Preto (SBPRP) is a civil association founded in 1993 whose function is to promote Psychoanalysis as from internationally acknowledged excellence patterns, such as the ones recommended by the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), founded by Sigmund Freud in 1911.
We are an institution devoted to the care for the psychoanalytic function of the personality, to the human hospitality, to the widening of the capabilities of receptivity and innovation, always aligned with the responsible and active social participation.

• Our main Mission - to promote the study and development of Psychoanalysis, as from an IPA pattern of qualification of professionals involved in the knowledge of the human being’s complexity.

• Our Vision - comprises the cultivation of being an Institution of Excellence, devoted to the continuous scientific development of its members, as well the one of quality in the qualification offered in our Institute of Psychoanalysis.

• Our fundamental Values include: a) the care with the Psychoanalytic Function of our psychoanalysts members, regarding the Psychoanalysis foundation bases; b) our constant Hospitality while dealing with our psychoanalysts colleagues, our analysands, our work partners and collaborators; c) our deep receptivity for Innovation; and d) our concern with responsible and active social participation.

In 2005, we were accredited as one of IPA’s Full Component Societiesmarking our route which goes active standing out in the psychoanalytic course in Ribeirão Preto, promoting relevant interchange in an academic and cultural level, attracting people from different regions of the country, with the purpose of scientific development. Nowadays we count on 114 members, being 15 training analysts, 14 full members, 27 associate members, 53 affiliate members, and 3 guest members.